Health & Safety Policy


45 Rowan Way



West Yorkshire



1st April 2014




Alarmtech Security Limited

Health & Safety

General Statement of Policy


Alarmtech Security Limited has for many years been concerned with promoting a high level of health and safety in the working lives of its employees and has long held the view that health and safety matters are every ones concern.

The principle of this policy is to allocate direct accountabilities and procedures while its spirit serves to create an atmosphere of awareness and responsibility. It aims to achieve these objectives in particular by;

1.  Undertaking to provide advice and information when requested and identify the training information and facilities to be provided by employers for the principal objectives in view, including the use of safe premises, plant and equipment to avoid risk to employees and other persons and specifying those responsible for those duties.

2.  Observing the provisions of relevant legislation, regulations and codes of  practices.

3.  Confirming that arrangements for the safe execution of duties to be performed by employees on behalf of the company will be ensured, with the provision of  protective clothing and equipment where appropriate.

4.  Endorsing the need for involvement and joint consultation between all employees to ensure the provision and maintenance of good health and safety procedures.

5.  Ensuring the preservation of good working conditions, particularly in respect of

heating, lighting, ventilation and toilet facilities.

An affective health and safety policy and performance lead to lead to a reduction in accidents causing injury and damage and promote good working relationship. From an individuals point of view, accidents cause pain and suffering both to the person concerned and to the family. Consequently a policy that leads to a reduction in accidents reduces this risk and benefits both the company and its employees.

All employees will be requested to read and confirm their understanding of this policy.


Signed  …………………………………………….  (on behalf of Alarmtech Security Ltd)








1.  Overall the final responsibility for health and safety in the company is that of Mr Simon Gott.

2.  In the event of his absence Mrs Michelle Gott will be responsible.



1.  All employees have the responsibility to cooperate with managers to achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others.

2.  Whenever an employee notices a health or safety problem, which they are not able to put right, they must immediately tell the appropriate person responsible named above.

3.  Employees have a responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care for their own health and safety of others who may be affected by what you do or do not do during the course of  their duties and to co-operate with the company in its efforts to maintain a safe and healthy working environment .




In the event that an injury/accident occurs at a clients business premises employees must

1.   Report the incident to the client and where ever it is possible to confirm the incident in writing in the clients accident report log. In the event that an incident occurs at a domestic site this procedure will probably not be available and  No

2 below must be undertaken.

3.  Report the incident to Mr Gott where it shall be recorded in writing and your signature included. This procedure must be undertaken for incidents, which have occurred in both domestic and business sites/premises..


Employees must report any defect or damaged items immediately. Employees are responsible for their own safety on site and the company would not expect an employee to perform his / her duties with defective / dangerous equipment.


1.  The first aid box is located in the draw labelled  FIRST AID KIT in the stores.

2.  The accident log is located in the same draw as the First Aid Kit.

3.  Mr Gott is responsible for taking charge in the event of an accident or emergency.

4  .Mr Gott is responsible for reporting/recording incidents/accidents.


1.  Escape routes are checked every month by Mr Gott. The main escape route is through the front double doors and the rear fire exit door.

2.  A fire extinguisher is located in the main store next to the main entrance.


1.  The local Health and Safety officer is located is located at Marshalls Mill , Marshall Street , Leeds  LS12 9YJ.


1.  The company will provide free of charge protective clothing required by its staff in order to carry out assigned duties. This will consist of a hard hat , steel toe-capped boots and a yellow fluorescent waistcoat. All these items must be worn at all times whilst engineers are performing duties on construction sites.


1.  Routine checks of electrical plugs and cables will be undertaken by the company annually and recorded in the electrical equipment testing log.


1.  Cleanliness ; premises and vehicles are to be kept clean and tidy and good standard of housekeeping shall be maintained.

2.  Hygiene; clean hygienic , well lit and ventilated toilet accommodation will be provided and maintained. Hot and cold running water and skin cleansers will be made available for hard washing purposes.

3.  Drinking Water; clean clear drinking water will be available.

4.  Floors and gangways are to be kept clear and free from obstructions.

5.  All company related debris will be removed from site on completion of daily works.

6.  All climbing equipment eg. Step ladders/ladders are to Insurance standard BS2037/BS EN131.

7.  All ladder work to be used with ladder floor stays in accordance with THE WORK AT HEIGHT REGULATIONS 2005 ISBN01107256385.

8.  All engineers will be made aware of the Safety Procedure Involving Working  At Heights and training for any new Employee for the use of ladders.


The company will endeavour to assess hazardous risks in the workplace these risks and alert all relevant staff and members of the public entering the workplace.


Health & Safety For Employees.

Method Statement – Fitting Security Systems.



Should you have any queries regarding this leaflets contents or queries on any other health and safety matter , please discuss them with Simon Gott.

1.  Whenever possible, external sirens should be fitted using scaffolding. When this is not possible and ladders are used – ensure two men are present at all times.

2.  Place the ladder at 75 degree (4 up 1 out) on firm ground, with base of ladder against a permanent structure, whenever possible.

3.  The second person is to be at the foot of the ladder at all times. If possible tie-off at the top and bottom. Sometimes it will be possible to shake the bottom.

4.  Ladder stand-off and harness should be used. Make a visual inspection of the equipment to ensure its reliability.

5.  Never climb a ladder in adverse weather conditions (e.g. high winds).

6.  Always carry tools in a belt, both hands should be in contact with the ladder when ascending/descending. A minimum of three points of contact should always be on the ladder (e.g. two feet / one hand, 2 hands / one foot)

7.  Carry items to be fitted either hooked over the tool belt or strung over your shoulder , using temporary lashing.

8.  Each item should be taken up the ladder individually. Make separate journeys to carry the bell-box place and the cover.

9.  Cable in situ must be checked to ensure it is not connected to the mains or that it is isolated at the consumer unit. Do not rely on anyone else’s assurance- CHECK IT YOURSELF.

10.  Marks and drill holes in masonry using a cordless and/or 110 V drill, using the bracket or back-plate as a template.

11.  Wherever possible, prepare the fittings at ground level (e.g. slackening or removing screws, covers, ect)

12.  Secure the fittings to the bracket/back-plate and make the required connections using a hand screwdriver.

13.  Fit any covers, equipment and adjust the angles as necessary.

14.  Security walk-test the functions and rectify as required.

15.  If property is not connected to the mains, test operation when power has been connected.

16.  Leave User Guides with the Site Agent or Sales Staff.

17.  Personal protective equipment suitable for the task, must be worn at all times (e.g. safety footwear, gloves, reflective jackets, ect )

It is the responsibility of all employees to take care of their own Health & Safety and to give due care and attention to others who could be affected by their work.